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O’Keeffe Precast Concrete is a Limerick Concrete Kerbing Manufacturer and Installation Service.


Decorative Kerbing

In our range of decorative kerbing they come in various styles, lengths and colours

We have a Fern and Flower humped edging both are 600mm long

Rope edging 900mm long

Timber effect edging 2400mm long

We also have the standard "Bull Nose" edging 900mm long

All of these kerbs come in plain concrete or in our range of colours


We sell 3 main types of Industrial kerbing or also know as pressed kerbs. There's a 10" and 7" kerb and also a 10" wide water channel kerb

This type of kerbing is stronger than the standard kerbing and is often used on public footpaths. The 7" version is also used in domestic driveways also

standard kerbing

In our range of standard kerbing we have 3 heights 5", 6" and 7"

These would be our most popular kerbing sold generally to driveways of domestic houses. We cab colour the kerbing on request with "Raven Blue" being a popular choice which imitates a Limestone colour

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