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Timbercrete Concrete Fencing

Timbercrete Concrete Fencing

Timbercrete Concrete Fencing is highly detailed timber effect looking Fencing. This type of Fencing is double sided only, which is ideal for between 2 neighbours or in a situation where it would be ideal to have both sides looking the same on the one property.

These panels are also often used to replace broken timber panels in housing estates even though the panels need to be trimmed to fit. The panels are half the height of the standard panel making it easier to handle them

It comes with its own timbereffect capping also. We generally sell it with the panels brown, the posts and caps charcoal grey but can be done in any colour in our range

Available in heights upto 7ft 2"

Panels 1830mm x 150mm
Caps 1830mm x 50mm

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